Politics 2.0. : Pucapab to do without social media

A Canadian federal MP recently launched Pucapab, a social media campaign to protest against the Harper-led Conservatives. (Pucabap can sometimes means « unable to » in French but in the case of this campaign it should be translated « fed up »).
The « Pucapab » campaign was built around a Facebook page on which a Pucapab video can also be found. The video produced by the Turbo Marketing agency has been unveiled by Denis Coderre, a Federal Canadian MP.

Obviously, I’m not the only one that finds the concept of the video to be simplistic. This being said it could precisely be what was aimed for; something grassroots with no details to distract from the key messages. A song that makes you want to wear your flip flop on the beach, a sound with no special effect and clean line drawings. Black on white.

Pucapab to do without social media
This campaign emphasizes the fact that even politicians need to take advantage of the popularity of social media. Obama had made this practice popular during his presidential race. His tactics later inspired the author of the book « Yes We Did ».
As for Denis Coderre, he is not new to web 2.0.; his tweets are followed by 20 000 adepts.

Is this propaganda?…

This media hype looks so innocents and even entertaining but isn’t it a not-so subtle way to launch a political campaign without actually launching a campaign?
The Liberal Party tells us it’s not the case. Their goal was just to expose the growing discontentment towards the Conservatives.

Except for protesting against Harper, what kind of results are expected from this video that Turbo Marketing produced?
The mission of Turbo Marketing – in their own words – is indeed to « conceive and execute marketing strategies that stimulate brand loyalty while contributing to the improvement of human living conditions under a sustainable development perspective. » I don’t believe anyone would be liberal enough to think that over 1,700  likes on Facebook can push people to take a decision as radical as going to ballot boxes. But I could be wrong.

After all, we reached an era where everything needs to be popularized to reach John and Jane Doe. Are we going to see the days when political campaigns will be mainly developed for social media execution?

Ce qui est sûr, c’est qu’avec la prolifération de cette vidéo, sur le web, le parti libéral a créé tout un buzz, Il est fort à parier qu’en plus des retombées de cette vidéo, on doit s’attendre à la lancée d’une campagne politique traditionnelle assez colorée. Affaire à suivre.

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