Who is more misinformed, Fox viewers or the rest of the Word?

Does Watching Fox News Make You Ignorant?
Weeks ago, a study concluded that Fox viewers were the most misinformed. The study was part of WPO (World People Opinion), a project managed by the University of Maryland.

The news spread quickly over the net, even in the Province of Quebec where the study stirred animosity. When Richard Hétu (the New York correspondent for Quebec newspaper La Presse) relayed the information on his blog, another blogger from Quebec attacked him personally and questioned his professionalism.
Logically, reactions were even more conflicting in the U.S. between those who believe in Fox accuracy and those who believe in the mind-dulling effect of the channel.

Glenn Becks wearing a T-shirt representing Obama as Mickey Mouse

Who’s right and who’s wrong? No need for a study to deliberate, an analysis of Fox news bulletins should set the matter straight. The problem is, I don’t watch Fox News very often. Since they took a wicked delight in spreading the rumor that Obama was a racist, a muslim and that he lied about being an American citizen, I lost all the respect I didn’t have for them. It’s not because I am Obama’s biggest fan but because I don’t respect media that openly exploit easy issues (race, religion and patriotism) that divide the world and triggers wars.
Most media pretend to present facts objectively and everybody pretends to believe them. But Fox doesn’t even seem to be trying and that makes them look unprofessional.

Traditional media critized on social media
In an attempt to be more objective, I turned to social media. It may not be the most credible source either but at least you can catch a glimpse of transparency in some dialogues.
While blog posts are instructive, comments are even juicier. Some of the fascinating theories I read on social media made me wonder if this study is not the result of a war between Left and Right. Here are two challenging points I found:

Theory no 1. The factors on which the study is based are questionable.

For a brief overview of the arguments against this study, you can watch this video on a Youtube channel named How The World Works or read from the NewsBuster blog.

Theory n
o 2. WPO is a Leftist Organization
According to comments found on the HuffingtonPost and MediaIte, WPO would be a left-wing organization. As far as I’m concerned, Fox has always been labelled right-wing. Hard to confirm the last two statements.
I made quick research on WPO but found nothing concluding except for 2 things:
Rumor: Tides Foundation (which financially supports WPO) has been accused by Glenn Beck (a Fox journalist) to be part of a conspiration involving Democrat President Obama
Fact: The WashingtonPost (a left-wing newspaper) has published articles from Steve Kull, the WPO President.

Can we conclude that WPO is a left-wing organization? If this analysis of WPO sounds a bit far-fetched, what about Fox News?

Fox has never acknowledged its fondness for the right, even if America thinks the channel is conservative. What’s left at the end? Some individuals who may be right-wing have published a study on a channel that could be left-wing. Here is an undeniable fact: With all the manipulation from diverse media, the general public is always left in ignorance…

Picture credit: The picture on this page was taken from the Glenn Beck’s official page. This picture does not belong to hibiscus jaune.

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5 réflexions sur “Who is more misinformed, Fox viewers or the rest of the Word?

  1. webmistress dit :

    You have always brought up interestinbg topics, when it comes to the news i`m just liek you i’ll turn to the net for my world news and for local the radio. When it does come to news channels me and my entire family have always been real big fans of CBS news…FOX not so much.


    • hibiscusjaune dit :

      Thank you for your constant feedback, I’m glad to count you as one of my loyal readers!
      I think Fox is a great channel for TV shows and like you, I now rely on local news because it is more relevant to me of course.

      • webmistress dit :

        No problem at all its a pleasure on my end for sure, your blog and your online personality is infectious and addicting, keep doing your thing as far as the topic at hand, we all need to focus on the issues at hand at home, its so many people who focus on whats going on in other countries than whats goings on in their own back yards. I too will be focusing more on whats going on around me all to many issues here in the local areas which should be handled prior to looking abroad.

  2. Jean dit :

    Right now I don’t have a tv. So I guess I’m abit oblivous…which is good and bad in terms of media ignorance.

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