6 things I don't like about Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on the Oprah Winfrey Show

Courtesy of ValleyWag

Facebook has temporarily disabled its chat system because a bug allowed private conversations to be visible by others. I don’t think I share sensitive information on chats but the fact that my personal conversations could have been read is quite disturbing. There are other things that Facebook is doing that really bother me.

1. Not knowing where my friends are
Maybe I should receive a training on how to use the new Facebook because there are so many aspects I still haven’t understood.
Every time I click on the « friends » link, I get a page with suggestions instead of getting a list of all my friends. The only other options I get from this page are 1. friends with recent updates 2. statuses of some friends. I used to be able to get a complete friend list on the previous Facebook version. Now I have to perform a search on Facebook to find my own friends.

2. Being told who to befriend

Facebook has no memory when it comes to rejected friend suggestions

Instead of showing those I know, Facebook keeps showing those I may know.
Let’s suppose for a minute that Facebook is trying to help by suggesting people that I could (or should?) befriend. Thank you for offering your help but if I turn it down why do you insist? Even though I click on the X (see picture) to turn off a suggestion, Facebook will eventually bring to mind the same suggestions over and over again.
I’m pretty sure the world’s biggest social media network could develop a function that would remember not to display rejected suggestions again. It looks like Facebook wants people to add more friends to their accounts as if these people were my real friends in real life. I don’t understand this obsession with having 3,000 friends on your account when more than half of them don’t even say « hi » when they meet you in the street.
I also wonder how is Facebook able to link me to individuals that are not even friends of my friends? Some users from their suggestions list are not in my address book and sometimes they are not even part of my network. How does Facebook know that I know them?..

 3. Being told who to talk to
Sometimes on the sidebar, Facebook lets me know that I haven’t talked to one of my friends in a while. Then, I get suggestions like « Write on her wall ». But wait a minute. If some of my friends don’t talk to me, why should I?
Once more, I’m being told what to do and I don’t like receiving instructions from a website.
I’m always being told to contact friends that I absolutely don’t care about. This is how I manage relationships; I talk to people who talk to me. Real friends shouldn’t need reminders to talk to each other; it comes naturally. If it doesn’t, the relationship is fake.

4. Friend request bugs

On Wednesday, I received an invitation from somebody that I didn’t know. Since we had no friend in common either, I refused the invitation. However, Facebook kept showing the same annoying red icon that lets you know you have pending friends requests. I had to hit the « ignore » button twice in order for Facebook to remove the unwanted notification.

The annoying red icon

So far, so good. What really got on my nerves was the fact that after successfully refusing this friend request, I am told that this person never requested my friendship. Imagine the question marks popping above my head.

5. Ever-changing privacy settings

Every time Facebook modifies the structure of its site, privacy settings are reset and put back to default. I don’t understand the logic behind this rule. It took me a while to figure out to edit my settings and what I wanted to keep private. While most of my information can’t be seen, my articles and some pictures for example were deliberately left available for public view. When they’ll perform their next update, I’ll have to go back an personalize my security settings once more. What if I forget to do so?
I remember receiving and not reading a letter from Mark
Zuckerberg about changes in security settings a while ago. Maybe I should have read. I don’t like the fact that I have to read instructions on how to manage something that should be used for fun. Now I’m stuck scanning other websites for safety tips on Facebook.

6. People who trash Facebook

This one will be hard to explain because the 5 previous points already put me in the « hater » category. But I’m not a hater, I care enough for Facebook to stick around and I don’t judge people who use Facebook as their personal diaries.
On the other hand, I don’t tolerate people who have closed their Facebook account and want you to feel guilty and irresponsible because you haven’t. Yes, there are dangers on Facebook. Yes, there are at least 5 other things that I don’t like about this network but there are also many things that Facebook makes possible.
I would have never written this article if I didn’t care about Facebook.


11 réflexions sur “6 things I don't like about Facebook

  1. webmistress dit :

    I do not even have a facebook as of yet, but all my family, friends and even all my ex’s all have one, so currently the issue of setting one up had crossed my mind, one for personal use and two for business purposes. After reading your post i`m leaning towards not being interested it seems like a headache, hopefully all the good outweighs the bad…so tell what do you like about facebook and hows there spamguard?

  2. hibiscusjaune dit :

    What I like about Facebook is that it allows me to keep in touch with family and friends scattered all over the world. It has also allowed me to get in touch with people I hadn’t seen for ages and that I had almost forgotten. I still think it’s great tool but it requires an extra polish to stay fit.

    I don’t really get spams on Facebook but I’m concerned about my private life. Internet is a public platform so I guess it’s not reasonable to expect privacy from it. But I still wish that more social platforms would go the extra miles and protect their users. After all, they allow advertising from these websites so it should be a win-win situation.

  3. webmistress dit :

    I totally feel your thoughts on privacy and the net, people put their entire lives online majing so easy for the bad guys to get close to you. When i’m online safey and privacy is my main concern then with the stes they are just trying t make money…I highly doubt websites like Myspace and Facebook are actually verifying these sites that advertise on them. There looking for cash so they probably could care less. You have to protect yourself and your loved ones…all my social pages are private and I hardly ever add new friends.

    thanks for the tips again, as always your a pleasure to speak with and the blog is great!

  4. Mindless Rambler dit :

    Hello, I have facebook too and I like it for keeping in touch and the stupid little games like fairyland and pet society but reading through your 6 dislikes I have to say I absolutely agree with you on every one of them. I have often thought the same things.

    I hate that I press friends and my friends don’t come up. The whole friend suggestion thing I always think « if I wanted to be their friend I would be already ». Like you say in point 3 the friendship thing is a 2 way thing and how does facebook know you haven’t been in touch, maybe not via facebook but it doesn’t mean you haven’t been in touch. Privacy settings – once you get used to it they change it again. And those who trash it, these are the same type of people who criticise you for not watching what they watch on TV or for watching something they don’t and so on.

    Fantastic post and thanks for putting my thoughts into words!! :o) xxx

    • hibiscusjaune dit :

      Haha reading your comment, pretty funny. Yes I love to hate Facebook but I hate when people tell me to leave it. As for friends suggestions nada. I have recently cleaned up my friends list because I don’t think it’s necessary to have 1000 of friends when you can only interact with about 10 of them.
      Yes it’s funny that social media doesn’t actually transform us. It just exposes the best of our qualities or defaults. So yes, if you want to watch Dancing with the Stars, good for you but don’t hate because I watch stupid videos on Youtube either! lol

  5. webmistress dit :

    From viewing what people are saying about FB here it would seem that its now become the new MS lots of unwanted changes, unfriendly features and unneccessary headaches. There’s forever a email being sent to me showing those that i know who wants me to join it, not much of a follower never really been the type to be interested in what ‘everybody » else is on or doing.

    i’ll keep following this post though for more FB suggestions, tips and warnings also might i ask is there alot of hacking and open holes in ther site like others have?? I certainly would’nt want to be a part of something when privacy can be breached at every moment not that anythings perfect, but the better the security the more pleased people are with it.

    • Mindless Rambler dit :

      Webmistress, I don’t think it is any more open than any other site for hacking and to be fair to FB developers they are usually quickly on top of any breaches made. If you do decide to ever open an account may I suggest thoroughly going through all the privacy settings before you « go live » to anyone else. When I first joined this was simple enough but they have changed it somewhat there seems umpteen different options for every single thing.

      You do have the option of just what you want people to see, for example I have photographs of my daughters but I opt to show them only to close friends and not for any browsing facebook member.

      I do believe you are so very correct when you say about unwanted changes being there but like anything else you soon forget what it used to be like and go with the flow. I get annoyed at the times of changes as I am very much a person who believes « don’t try and fix what is not broken » but like I say, you soon get used to it like anything else in life.

      I also agree with hibiscusjaune when she says about the number of friends, I do keep mine to a minimum and those I really know, many of my friends add people simply because they share the same game interest and want to have extra buddies to share the game with, it can come down to gaming tactics. This is not for me.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

      • hibiscusjaune dit :

        I don’t know if you remember @webmistress but you encouraged me to subscribe to BlackPlanet to get more traffic on my blog. I did but I close my account after 2 weeks or less. I used to get emails from strangers looking for a date and my chat was always full of people trying to get my number so I couldn’t take it anymore.

        Comparing to the ghettoness of BlackPlanet, Facebook is doing pretty well (understatement). As @Mindless Rambler said, they are fast at responding to privacy concerns by quick announcements and they also seem to have a team of highly qualified computer geeks. Facebook has set high standards of expectations and I guess that is the reason why its users always expect more. I remember that Myspace detractors raised similar concerns a couple of years when the network was the « it » thing. So Facebook is not really worse than any other.

        @webmistress If you ever want to create an account, I suggest that you follow @Mindless Rambler’s tips and set your privacy concerns from the get go and also decide who gets to see what from your page. Facebook can be great when you are aware of its side-effect. The reason for this post is the fact that I know they can do better…

  6. webmistress dit :

    Your correct as well there is not a site that does’nt have issues or will have them at soem point, great to know that FB jumps on top of things such as security issues and such pretty fast. As for friends I do too try to keep it to a minimum mostly to those that actually know me and vice versa…ocassionally i’ll add a few new ones, not out of popularity, but because as you stated we might share common interests, goals, friends…etc

    Peronally keeping pages private is always good the WWW can be a WWM (world wide mistake) at times all to many people place so much perosnal info online for the entire world to see…not realizing their causing a serious issue for themselves and anybody else who might be attached to them in some way.

  7. webmistress dit :

    *mouth drops to the floor*

    lmao (could’nt help it) I am so sorry about your Blackplanet experiences, I have had people asking for the same things like to meet or get my personal number (lol as if) however I find that no different that what was going on with Myspace a year or so ago. Every 5 or 10 minutes somebody was asking me to meet, a number or to add them…actually the Myspace thing is why i dont even have a Facebook page i’m mostly over the entire networking thing because after awhile it stops…working out.

    Experiences do vary as for BP i’m still on there and have had my page since 2003, so the people I chat with are majority of people I knew before my page was created and/or people since it was created…occassionally i’ll get a few every now and then trying to meet and get my number i’ve learned to ignore them.

    The good thing i like about BP is even if your page is private nobody can see it, BUT you can have your favorite website in your status comments and whoever even clicks your main page will still see it without seeing your profile 😉

  8. BeirutBoy dit :

    oh yeah continuously changing privacy setting gets on my nerves too!
    i didnt even realize that my profile was public until months later!
    then i thought: « oh shit! maybe i should have read that article in the ‘home’ « 

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