NRJ Groups empowers Quebeckers waves

nrjThe NRJ (pronounced é∙ner∙gie) radio station is now broadcasted from Montreal. The Parisian company which has known an expansion in the international market chose the Quebecker province as its first North American destination. NRJ is the most popular radio station in France. It also airs from other non-francophone countries such as Germany, Belgium and Lebanon. Faithful to its slogan hit music only, the station taps more into commercial music, from pop to dance.

 After its foundation 1981, the station emerged as NRJ Group, a collective of many commercial stations. NRJ Group now teams up with Astral Media to put NRJ on Montreal‘s airwaves.

60 % of the musical content should be in French. However, Andre Lallier, VP of programming at Astral Media Radio Quebec, promised an international content that will be on the same wavelength with the local taste.

 Astral Media is not only the leading Canadian media company, but also Canada’s largest radio broadcaster. With two big multimedia giants, should Montreal expect the creme of the creme or just another powerful commercial radio station?

 To draw your conclusions, tune in to 94.3.

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